Friends of Darebin Parklands

About Us

What we do

The FDP works to protect, improve and advocate for the bushland character of the park, maintaining it as a wildlife haven and place to appreciate nature

Our activities include:

  • Controlling and – where possible – eradicating introduced species, via activities such as hand weeding

  • Restoration and enhancement works to promote biodiversity and catchment health

  • Encouraging and re-introducing endemic or other environmentally appropriate species

  • Controlling pollutants in the Parklands, via activities such as litter collection

  • Advocating for the park, including promoting the benefits of connection with the Parklands, such as improved wellbeing and a sense of environmental stewardship

Darebin Parklands. Exercise is one of the 4 reasons I can leave home in the next 6 weeks and I'm ever so grateful this pocket of nature is in my neighbourhood to be exercised in.

The FDP offers many opportunities to learn about and care for the park, including our long-running Thursday planting and weeding group and community Park Care Days, our fun and educational Junior Ranger Program, and meetings and events with speakers and nature-based activities.

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